April 2019

Who should ContractSense?

ContractSense is a cloud based contract management app that allows you to organize, manage and view all your paperwork from one place. Whether you are an individual wanting to organize your paperwork or a business owner wanting to keep all your paperwork in one place for your business or a employee of an organization needing to better organize your paperwork, ContractSense is the solution for you. Our solution is easy to use, secure and affordable.


As an individual, you will have several contracts from mortgage to car finance to employment contract to several insurance contracts. If you have a family, your paperwork is doubled or tripled. Using Dropbox or Google Drive is not a very good solution to your paperwork management problems. With ContractSense, you will be able to store everything in one place, organize them and be on top of them. What more, you can use it totally free of cost until you don’t exceed 10 uploads. If you do exceed 10, we are sure the price you are paying for a year is worth it considering the peace of mind it gives you and is much lower than the cost of missing a renewal or having s duplicate contract.

Business owner/ Entrepreneur:

As an entrepreneur, you will have the paperwork of you and your family as well as your business to manage. ContractSense was developed by entrepreneurs themselves for their own need… this goes to say that the product is the perfect for your needs. Being on top of contracts, liabilities and compliances is the need of the hour for you and ContractSense takes care of that very well.

Employee of an Organization:

If you manage Sales, Compliance, Legal or Finance in your organization, ContractSense can help you in a very big way. As a Contract Management System, ContractSense can help you organize all the paperwork in one place for you to view or manage. Never miss renewal dates with our notification system and stay on top of the paperwork concerning yourself and your organization.

Happy ContractSensing!

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