April 2019

What is Contract Management Software?

Contract Management Software lets you organize, manage or view your paperwork through a desktop or cloud based software. ContractSense is one such software that is cloud based so that you can access your paperwork at any time and in any place.

What are the features of Contract Management Software?

  • Manage contract lifecycle.
  • Search for contracts easily.
  • Alert or Notify users on contract expiry or renewals.
  • Add, Edit, Delete contracts.

ContractSense comes with the following features:

  • Upload your contracts in cloud.
  • Define start and end dates, names of parties, type of contract etc., which later become your search parameters.
  • Find, edit, delete or download contracts as you manage your contract lifecycle.
  • Define custom tags to make your contracts easy to find. You can also write important notes so that you can stay on top of your contracts and are aware of important conditions, without having to go over them in detail.
  • Custom tags also help in relating contracts to one another; and they become your powerful search parameters while you manage your contract lifecycle.
  • Never miss your renewal dates with notifications that can be customized.

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