April 2019

Quick facts about ContractSense

From ContractSense editorial team, here we cover a few quick facts and features about ContractSense. We are hopeful that this will give you an overview of what the product is about and why you should use it.


We take paperwork seriously… and we take yours even more seriously. We have equipped ContractSense with end-to-end encryption technology which means, your files are stored in encrypted format and are decrypted when you view them. You and only you can view them.

Ease of use:

ContractSense was conceptualized and built in a multiple-award winning studio, Think Design. The most important elements of what we wanted to create was, ease-of-use. Be it tagging your paperwork, making notes, editing contracts or entering key information, care has been taken to make it very easy to understand and use. When we tested this with non-technical people, we discovered that they were able to set things up in an average, in under 10 minutes! We hope that you’d find it easy to use too.


Most of us require very simple solutions that are built flawlessly. As a design practice, we appreciate light products that are delightful to use rather than those "swiss army knife" kind of products that have many features you don’t need, yet do not do anything specific very well. For the lightness of the product, we made it as affordable as we could think of. We do hope you will continue to enjoy the affordability of ContractSense.


We have a set of features under construction… and yes, they are not the ones you don’t need. Rather, they are the features you might most probably need, going forward. We want to make ContractSense meaningful to your purpose. We will be delivering that in a few weeks to come. So, stay tuned to the updates. Who knows, you might just fall in love, all over again!

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